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March 2024 NICE Community Coordinating Council Monthly Meeting Recap

#ICYMI - Monthly Meeting Recap

2023 NICE Community Graphic
Credit: NICE

In case you missed it, the minutes from the March 26, 2024, NICE Community Coordinating Council meeting have been published. The meeting included speakers from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Burning Glass Institute, and more!

Take a look at some key highlights from our meeting:

Featured Content

Strategy Story
Melissa Pullin from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts spoke about skills-based hiring efforts in the Commonwealth. A new executive order signed by Governor Healey will institute skills-based hiring practices for the state's workforce. 

Report Roundup
Stuart Andreason from Burning Glass Institute shared an overview of the report entitled "Skills-Based Hiring: The Long Road from Pronouncements to Practice." The report provides data on the removal of degree requirements from job postings.

Framework Feature
Ronald Ross from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) spoke about the importance of cyber resiliency and need to strengthen talent in the areas of secure software and systems engineering. 

Community Progress Reports

The Transform Learning Process Working Group has recently released a paper detailing the is currently surveying The Landscape of Performance-Based Assessments in Cybersecurity.The working group is also currently surveying National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity (CAE) institutions to explore the Cybersecurity Educators Workforce Gap. 

The Modernize Talent Management Working Group is coordinating a talent survey for Human Resource professionals, cybersecurity individual contributors, and cybersecurity managers. The survey aims to understand why people stay in or leave their jobs. 

The Cybersecurity Career Ambassadors Community of Interest is currently working to match mentors with individuals who are having trouble navigating the career entry process for cybersecurity jobs. 

The NICE Framework Users Group held an open call to discuss the intent, content, and format of the recently updated NICE Framework components.

Featured Topic

Karen Wetzel from NIST shared a presentation on the NICE Framework Components V1.0.0 that were released on March 5, 2024. The release of the components include updated Work Role Categories and new Work
Roles, such as Insider Threat Analysis, as well as revisions to Task, Knowledge, and Skill statements, and 11 new Competency Areas. 

Featured Member

NEW! To help bring visibility to the diverse pathways into a cybersecurity career, as well as create a stronger, more friendly community, each month we will feature a member from the NICE Community Coordinating Council. If you would like to be featured, please email us at nice [at] (nice[at]nist[dot]gov)

Neferteri Strickland
Credit: Neferteri Strickland

Neferteri Strickland
Educator and Innovator,
Saint Joseph’s Univeristy

I received my private pilot’s license before I received my driver’s license. At 17 I joined the National Guard as a Computer Systems Analyst then went on to college to major in Mass Communications with concentration in Radio and Television. As a part-time Soldier I worked in commercial radio for almost 8 years leading projects that expanded the footprint of the radio station to include social media and internet streaming.

With a growing family and a spouse whose career required us to relocate, I re-entered an IT career pathway by balancing formal education, on the job training, and technical certifications developing the knowledge and skills to contract as a model based systems engineer for the Department of the Navy’s Risk Management Framework effort. Today I lecture in higher education and design programs for K12 students and educators who use systems thinking in STEM-related courses and out-of-school-time programs.

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Join our next meeting on April, 2024, at 3:30-5pm ET
The NICE Community Coordinating Council meets monthly to engage with public and private sector participants on cybersecurity education, training, and workforce development topics. 

Additionally, the NICE Community Coordinating Council is comprised of three Working Groups and six Communities of Interest, each with their own meeting cadence.

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Released April 19, 2024