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New! Announcing NICE Framework Success Stories


NICE Framework Success Stories IMAGE

The National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Workforce Framework for Cybersecurity (NICE Framework) helps learners explore cybersecurity work and enables cybersecurity workforce development via a core set of building blocks that describe tasks, knowledge, and skills. But knowing how to move from concept to application can sometimes be a challenge. Have you wondered:

  • How can my organization use the NICE Framework to reach goals?
  • What steps have others taken to implement the NICE Framework?
  • How can I find out more?

NICE is excited to announce NICE Framework Success Stories — a new publication series that profiles how an organization has used the NICE Framework, emphasizing the drivers, process, and outcomes, including benefits and lessons learned. View these to-the-point stories to improve your understanding of the NICE Framework and to get ideas on how to adopt it to meet your organizational needs today.

View Success Stories or consider submitting your own story.


Need a 101 refresher? Check out our presentations page that has template PowerPoint presentations and several recorded materials.

Curious to learn more from real-life practitioners and their use of the NICE Framework? Explore our library of Framework in Focus profiles – interviews with individuals that illustrate application of the NICE Framework Categories and Work Roles. Hear more about their work, their thoughts on cybersecurity workforce, and how they’ve used the NICE Framework.

Looking for something else? On the NICE Framework Resource Center you can also find resources for specific audiences: Employers, Education and Training Providers, and Learners. These materials may include approaches, methodologies, implementation guides, articles, mappings to the NICE Framework, educational materials, websites, example profiles, and more.

Want to join a community of NICE Framework users? Join the NICE Framework Users Group - a place to ask questions, share insights, and provide mutual support on how to apply and use the NICE Framework and its associated components in various settings.

Released February 11, 2021