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Measurement Science Roadmap for Polymer-Based Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)


On June 9-10, 2016 a workshop was held at NIST to develop a roadmap to identify the measurement science research and standards needed to accelerate the commercialization and adoption of polymers-based additive manufacturing. There is great current interest in further commercialization of polymeric and soft matter additive manufacturing because their great processability and range of properties enable applications across numerous industrial sectors.

This workshop was a follow-up to one held in 2012 entitled Measurement Science Roadmap for Metal-Based Additive Manufacturing with the goal of understanding and addressing the hurdles faced by the metals community from the perspective of measurement science. The resulting roadmap played an important role in setting research priorities and funding by entities involved in Additive Manufacturing, such as America Makes. The 2016 workshop on polymers is intended to play a similar role for the community.

Approximately 100 representatives from industry, academia and government agencies engaged in presentations, panel discussions and breakout groups organized around the following topics:

  • Materials characterization needs
  • In-situ process measurements
  • Process Modeling
  • Performance  

This workshop identified and prioritized the measurement science needs that must be addressed to enable development of optimized materials and feedback-enabled manufacturing processes. This workshop encompassed measurement needs for a range of polymers-based AM materials, manufacturing technologies and end-uses. The preliminary "report outs" from the four topical areas can be found below. A final roadmap report will be issued in Fall 2016 and will be publically available.

Steering Committee:

K. Jurrens, K. Migler & R. Ricker (NIST); Z. Pei (NSF); S. Schmid (ND); L. Love (ORNL); R. Resnick (NCDMM); K. Vorvolakos (FDA)


Meeting Sponsors:


Meeting Organizers:

NIST, NSF, University of Notre Dame, FDA, NCDMM, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Meeting Handout (Posters, Presenter & Moderator Bios, Abstracts) Updated 6/9


Opening Plenary Session

Moderator: ZJ Pei, National Science Foundation 

► Welcome, Mike Molnar, Advanced Manufacturing Program Office, NIST 

Workshop Scope and Objectives, Kalman Migler, NIST

Current Status of Polymers Roadmapping, Rob Gorham, America Makes

Panel Session: Characterization of Materials Throughout Their Lifecycle

Moderator: Mark Dadmun, University of Tennessee-Knoxville 

FDA's Perspective on 3D Printing of Medical Devices
Matthew Di Prima, Food and Drug Administration

Building to last: challenges in additive manufacturing going from prototype to functional component
Angel Yanguas-Gil, Argonne National Laboratory

3D Printed Polymers for Biomedical Applications
Abraham Joy, University of Akron

Panel Session: Process Models

Moderator: Kalman Migler (NIST) 

Elements of Generative Design Driving the Future of Process Modeling
Slade Gardner, Slade Gardner Advanced Manufacturing and Materials, LLC

Roadmapping Workshop: Measurement Science for Polymer- Based Additive Manufacturing
Peter Olmsted, Georgetown University

► David Roberson, University of Texas-El Paso

Panel Session: In Situ Processing Measurements

Moderator: Robert Maxwell, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

3-D Constructs--Molded vs. Printed: The differences from a cell based perspective
Miriam Rafailovich, State University of New York at Stony Brook

Thermal and facture characterization of welding zones produced by polymer extrusion 3D printing
Jon Seppala and Kalman Migler, NIST

Molecules to Manufacturing: Expanding the Polymeric Materials Toolbox
Chris Williams, Virginia Tech

Panel Session: Performance

Moderator: Greg Kittlesen, FDA

Functional Prototyping with Polymeric Materials
Courtney Fox, Carbon3D

FDM from a Polymer Processing Perspective: Challenges and Opportunities
Bryan Vogt, University of Akron

Use of additive manufacturing in reconstruction and rehabilitation
Gerald Grant, University of Louisville 

Panel Session: Integration and Standards 

Moderator: Carl Dekker, Met-L-Flo

Polymer AM Integration and Standards
Scott Fish, University of Texas

Factors Affecting the Adoption of 3D Printing Technologies (SLS) as Manufacturing Platforms – Role of Standards for Adoption
Praveen Tummala, 3DSystems

AM-Bench: A proposed benchmarking series for additive manufacturing
Lyle Levine & Richard Ricker, NIST

Report Outs from Breakout Groups:

Process Modeling
In Situ Measurements


Created February 24, 2016, Updated December 12, 2016