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Additive Construction – The Path to Standardization II

Additive Construction-The Path to Standardization II
Credit: Christina Robinson/NIST

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Engineering Laboratory (EL) Materials and Structural Systems Division (MSSD) studies the durability and service life of infrastructure materials (polymer, concrete, engineered composites) for resilience infrastructure applications. One of the key research focuses is the development of Additive Construction methods, materials, and measurement requirements. Additive construction by extrusion (ACE) has the potential to revolutionize construction by complimenting the existing workforce, eliminating the need to construct formwork, and enabling architectural or structural designs that cannot be achieved by standard practices. As ACE has progressed over the past few years, the development of standards has not kept pace, and the need has become essential to promote the industry and ensure safe structures.  


NIST has the unique opportunity to aide in the development of the measurement science tools and scientific knowledge base to support the industry’s needs of performance-based standards for 3-D printed concrete structures. This objective will be aided by supporting the implementation of all aspects of structural design and related testing standards and engineering guidelines. To do so, a stakeholder’s workshop in collaboration with The Engineer Research and Development Center – Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (ERDC-CERL), was held September 26th and 27th 2023, where discussions focused on the industry needs relative to the structural aspects of additively constructed structures. The workshop also served as a launch event for a new consortium, the Additive Construction by Extrusion (ACE) Consortium, which provides connections between NIST and other stakeholders to continue needed work in this field. As the Path Continues, a second workshop is being held August 20th and 21st 2024 to review the industries progress over the last year and develop prospective agendas moving forward. 


The event, Additive Construction – The Path to Standardization Continues, will bring together industry stakeholders to discuss gaps in the current standard documents and how the industry can fill these gaps. Building on previous engagements; Roadmap for Advanced Technologies for the Digitalization of the Construction Industry and Additive Construction – The Path to Standardization, the new workshop will include presentations, discussions, and breakout sessions directed towards the current state and desired future state for the additive construction industry, R&D needs, timelines, and action items. Topics will focus on the materials and testing methods related to additive construction and the needs of the industry with respect to engineering design, standards, and guidelines. Participation will be through application for attendance from industry, government, and research organizations to participate in the workshop along with representation from several ASTM and ACI technical committees. The workshop discussions will contribute to the continuing development of a roadmap for standardization of printing and testing methods. 

The consortium, Additive Construction by Extrusion (ACE) Consortium, is active on the Federal Register:


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Created May 28, 2024, Updated June 6, 2024