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Invited Speakers

The conference will feature the following invited speakers: 

  • Steve Eckel, NIST, “Quantum-based measurement of ultra-high vacuum using cold atoms”

  •  Tom Rubin, PTB, “Optical cavity pressure standards”

  • Frank Härtig, PTB, “Digital transformation in metrology (Digital SI, digital certificates)”

  • Karl Jousten, PTB, “Accurate high vacuum measurement by means of a novel standardized ion gauge”

  • Sarah White, MKS Instrument “Introduction of optical pressure measuring instruments to the industry”

  • Giovanni Garberoglio, European Centre for Theoretical Studies in Nuclear Physics and related areas, “Ab-initio calculations for the highly-accurate determination of the virial expansion of pressure and dielectric constant”

  • Wladimir Sabuga, PTB, “Recent research results on piston gauges”

  • R. Högström, VTT, “Dynamic pressure measurement”

  • Marcy Stutzman, Jefferson Lab - National Accelerator Facility, “XHV Measurement needs and applications in accelerators”

More speakers to be announced! 

Created February 2, 2023, Updated March 24, 2023