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1st North American Conference on Trapped Ions (NACTI)

NIST hosted the inaugural North American Conference on Trapped Ions (NACTI), on August 14 - 18, 2017.  The meeting brought together the North American and international ion trapping communities, and focused on applications of trapped ions in quantum technologies, precision measurements, chemistry and spectroscopy.

Conference topics included:

  • Qubits and gate-model quantum computing
  • Trapology (ion trap design, fabrication, cryogenic cooling, and surface science issues)
  • Quantum simulation
  • Low energy tests of fundamental physics
  • Frequency standards
  • Molecular ions
  • Highly charged ions
  • Quantum optics (photonic entanglement and cavity QED)
  • Hybrid ion-neutral atomic systems


NACTI 2017
Credit: James Burrus, NIST Boulder









Created February 17, 2017, Updated September 14, 2017