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NACTI Organization

NACTI Steering Committee

andrew.wilson [at] (Andrew Wilson - NIST Boulder)

Christopher Monroe - JQI/University of Maryland

Hartmut Häffner - UC Berkeley

Rainer Blatt - University of Innsbruck

David Wineland - NIST Boulder

NACTI 2017 Program Committee

andrew.wilson [at] (subject: NACTI%202017) (Andrew Wilson - NIST Boulder - Program Chair)

Heather Lewandowski - JILA/CU Boulder

Kathy-Anne Soderberg - US Air Force Research Laboratory

Wes Campbell - UCLA

Pierre Dubé - National Research Council Canada

Jeremy Sage - MIT Lincoln Laboratory

NACTI 2017 Organizing Committee

david.allcock [at] (subject: NACTI%202017) (David Allcock - NIST Boulder - Organizing Chair)

Andrew Wilson - NIST Boulder

Raghavendra Srinivas - NIST Boulder

gladys.arrisueno [at] (subject: NACTI%202017) (Gladys Arrisueno - NIST Gaithersburg - Conference Manager)

karen.startsman [at] (Karen Startsman -  NIST Gaithersburg - Conference Coordinator)

NACTI 2017 Local Support

Shaun Burd

Stephen Erickson

Ben Jeanette

Katherine McCormick

Anne Reidy

Crissy Robinson

Katy Stephenson

Susanna Todaro

Terri Viezbicke





Created March 9, 2017, Updated October 25, 2019