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National Security Standards


Providing national security professionals with the innovative technical solutions and information they need to prevent and respond to terrorism

We work to improve public safety and security through science-based standards. We do this by promoting innovative technologies, fostering communications, and building enduring partnerships with federal, state, local, private sector, and international partners.

We focus on developing technical standards related to national security, including measurement science and standards for Chemical/Biological/Radiological/Nuclear/Explosive (CBRNE) detection, personal protective equipment (PPE), and physical infrastructure resilience and security.

Our efforts support the 2011 National Strategy for CBRNE Standards through improved interagency collaboration for standards development.

News and Updates


Projects and Programs

Personal Body Armor

Our goal is to prevent the catastrophic failure of ballistic body armor by developing measurements and predictive models to test and determine the long-term

Sensing and Imaging of concealed objects

Emergency response, law enforcement and military personnel must face threats and dangerous situations as part of their jobs. These threats can vary from knives


Field-Deployable Devices

Thomas P. Forbes, Raychelle Burks
Reductions in instrument size, weight, and power continue to facilitate the development and application of field-deployable devices for investigative purposes

Tools and Instruments

X-ray Backscatter Systems

X-ray backscatter systems are used for the screening of personnel for hidden weapons and other contraband. Unlike conventional radiographic x-ray systems

Large Aperture Scanner

The Large Aperture Scanner (LAS) scans a radar transceiver over a 5 meter by 20 meter aperture. Image reconstruction techniques enable a three-dimensional

Cabinet x-ray system

The Smiths Detection 6046si cabinet x-ray system was designed for security screening of bags, parcels and other objects of similar size. The system runs at 160