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Cryogenic Flow Calibrations

Cryogenic Flow Calibrations

International Acceptance of NIST Cryogenic Flow Calibrations

The NIST measurement capability for cryogenic liquid flow metering was published in the BIPM key comparison database (KCDB) on Dec. 1, 2011, as a new NIST Calibration and Measurement Capability. Acceptance into the KCDB means that American manufacturers that use the NIST cryogenic flow capability can now compete in foreign markets that previously may have been closed. As the national metrology institute for the United States, NIST is a signatory of the CIPM Mutual Recognition Arrangement to provide international recognition of national standards and the technical basis for international acceptance of measurements as needed to support the trade of goods and services. While the NIST cryogenic flow capabilities have been available as a measurement service for nearly 50 years, the process for acceptance of a measurement capability into the KCDB includes maintaining an approved quality system and technical acceptance from peers in other national metrology institutes. The quality system for the NIST cryogenic flow capability was assessed and reviewed last year. The measurements are used to help develop and calibrate cryogenic flow meters in applications ranging from loading cryogenic fuels in rockets to the delivery of liquefied gases, including liquefied natural gas, for which there is a burgeoning international market.

During the review of the technical submission, the NIST Director received a specific written request from a domestic manufacturer of flow meters expressing its need for the NIST cryogenic flow capability to be internationally accepted so it can further expand its global customer base. The company had been using NIST cryogenic flow tests for the development of meters: They manufacture high-precision, turbine-flow meters and have recently introduced their product line to the European, Central American, South American, and Asia Pacific regions.

Created March 6, 2012, Updated September 21, 2016