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Adoption of data tools

Materials project growth and users

Growth, demographics, and usage of the Materials Project by registered users.

Early builders of the MGI Materials Information Infrastructure assembled data on hundreds of thousands to millions of compounds and made them available online in public repositories. These data can be used by scientists and engineers to search for previously unknown materials or to find materials with specific properties that may not have been measured.

The Materials Project at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has more than 140,000 registered users worldwide and users in every U.S. state. Currently the Materials Project contains more than 131,000 compounds, 49,700 molecules, and 530,000 nanoporous materials. This extensive database, with an arsenal of sophisticated workflow and analysis software, was developed and deployed to predict several new battery and photoanode materials that were made and tested in the lab. Recently, new transparent conducting oxides and thermoelectric materials were identified using a combination of computational and experimental screening along with high-throughput approaches.

Created September 2, 2021