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Wedgewood Pharmacy LLC Utilizes VSM to Deliver Life-Saving Products to Animals More Efficiently


Wedgewood Pharmacy is the largest compounding pharmacy in the United States dedicated exclusively to animal health. The company started as a local community pharmacy in New Jersey in 1981, and, in 2013, Marcy Bliss assumed the role of CEO and has since propelled the company to new heights. Under her direction, Wedgewood has not only experienced significant growth but also strategically acquired several competitors. Today the company employs over 1,000 staff members and serves more than 70,000 veterinarians and over a million animals annually. The company is recognized by 99% of veterinarians across the United States and operates five Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB)-accredited, state-licensed pharmacies located in Swedesboro, New Jersey; Scottsdale, Arizona; Novato and Bakersfield, California; and Lexington, Kentucky; along with two FDA-registered 503B outsourcing facilities. 

The Challenge

Wedgewood has worked with NJMEP, part of the MEP National Network™, in the past on process improvements and various lean trainings, and this time they enlisted NJMEP to assist with some Value Stream Mapping (VSM). The goal was to reduce production times by 30% and help deliver life-saving and necessary medications to their customers.

We did have some cost-savings out of the value stream mapping [project]. Using NJMEP we end up with a transfer of knowledge. The transfer of knowledge gets shared with our team, they learn some of the basics of LEAN, they understand how to use the tools, and they’re engaged in the process.

Aside from the cost savings, aside from the process improvements, it’s the development of people—that to me is important. Having an opportunity to grow is a cool thing, I just love to see our people grow.

— Bob Muentz, Vice President

MEP's Role

Wedgwood Pharmacy and NJMEP launched a VSM project to analyze and map their make-to-stock (MTS) fulfillment process. All maps and models were developed in collaboration with Wedgewood Lean Leader Jeff Compton and team leaders Ashley Scafiro, Steven Hampton, and Lianna Camarote. The investigation commenced with first customer contact at customer care and concluded with product shipment, encompassing the entire process flow. A detailed 'current state' VSM was created, incorporating time study data and an initial capacity model. Targeted process improvements were identified, including eliminating redundancies, reducing non-value-added operations, and streamlining value-added processes with existing technology. Recommendations for automation and technology implementation, such as bar code scanners and optical inspection technology, were proposed where financially feasible.

Created May 1, 2024