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A Strategic Roadmap for Manufacturing Excellence

With the help of: Kansas Manufacturing Solutions


Industrial Metal Fabrication (IMF) is a certified woman-owned and family-operated custom steel fabrication business located in Newton, Kansas. Their 92,000 sq ft manufacturing facility sits on 12 acres with an additional nearby staging lot. Since its inception in 2001, IMF has consistently set itself apart by its unprecedented values, employees, attention to detail, quality, customer loyalty, and service. IMF's products range from single components to complete systems.

The Challenge

Industrial Metal Fabrication had witnessed a downturn in operations. Factors such as economic downturn, shifts in market demands, transitioning of family ownership, intensified competition, and the absence of a strategic roadmap had profoundly affected this family-owned enterprise.

This downturn in business led to a decrease in revenue and business growth. In response to these challenges, the owner aimed to diversify their product line by incorporating more repetitive production products and investing in CNC state-of-the-art fabrication equipment, laser, press brake and robotic machines to broaden operational capacities. To navigate these business improvement opportunities,  IMF needed a coherent company vision, effective resource management, the development of capabilities to seize emerging opportunities, and a framework for measuring and attaining success.

Thanks to our strategic planning project, we've unlocked a roadmap to success that's more than just a plan—it's a journey filled with milestones of achievement. Gratitude to the KMS team for turning our aspirations into actionable steps, and making every goal feel within reach.
— Renee Dalrymple, President

MEP's Role

Kansas Manufacturing Solutions (KMS), part of the MEP National Network™, worked closely with IMF to craft a flexible strategic plan tailored to their business needs. This included a comprehensive evaluation of their current business state, an actionable strategic roadmap, identifying and documenting plans for potential scenarios that might impact their strategic plan, and providing a mechanism of implementation for the client based on data and analysis.

A strategic plan isn't as effective if it is not implemented correctly.  KMS also developed an action plan to execute the strategic vision, supplemented by targeted executive productivity coaching aimed at bolstering the effectiveness of the leadership team amidst this period of transformation.

Created April 25, 2024