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Space Utilization and Mapping Consultation Creates New Location Options


Cenla Powder Coating proudly stands as the leading powder coater in central Louisiana, setting a benchmark for excellence in the industry. With a 20-foot oven and booth, along with 40-foot indoor blasting capabilities, Cenla effortlessly handles projects of varying sizes. Backed by a skilled team, state-of-the-art facilities, and a proven track record of successful projects, Cenla Powder Coating stands out as the premier choice for those in pursuit of the highest caliber powder coating services in the region.

The Challenge

Cenla Powder Coating needed consulting assistance with factory flow design and implementation at a new location. Cenla Powder Coating also expressed the need for consulting services with customer management regarding digital marketing, point of use displays, and a means to upsell customers. LCTCS MEP of LA Project Manager Dan Stumper was able to meet these needs through a space utilization and mapping process project in the central Louisiana area.

I am pleased to share a testimonial about how Cenla Powder Coating was greatly assisted by the Manufacturing Extension Partnership of Louisiana (MEP of LA). With MEP of LA's expert guidance, here at Cenla Powder Coating we were able to enhance our efficiency, improve the quality of our work, and increase overall productivity. The invaluable support provided by MEP of LA has propelled our business to new heights, and we highly recommend their services to any manufacturing company seeking growth and improvement. Their dedication to helping businesses succeed is truly commendable.

— Landon Miller, Owner/CEO

MEP's Role

LCTCS MEP of LA and regional MEP affiliate CLTCC, part of the MEP National Network™, visited Cenla Powder Coating’s current and future production facilities and there they were able to confirm the need for expansion. During the walk through of the new facility they identified the following to create a more optimized flow given the building layout: confined sand blasting area, stripping area and discharge flow, large paint booth location, large and small oven locations, portable small paint booth location, racking areas, potential wall removals or build outs, confirmed 480 access for electrical needs, and need for plumbing build outs for all ovens.

The project manager and LCTCS MEP of LA CLTCC affiliate recommended the following updates to Cenla's digital marketing strategy: target client base of 33-51 age group demographic based on current sales; use of tools such as Constant Contact and Nutshell to help develop a potential customer database; location and set up for showroom; installation of kiosk-type customer interactive order entry; update the current website; and develop a YouTube-type channel for customer videos to educate them on the powder coating processes and business.

Cenla Powder Coating's current backlog is 6 weeks, and 2024 sales are expected to be up 60%. The space utilization and mapping project resulted in cost savings for the small manufacturer as well as savings on new investments.

Created April 18, 2024