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Organize Your Workplace


FusionTECH Integrated, a fabricated metal and food product machinery manufacturer in Roseville with 123 employees, is a unique company that can provide facility designs, concept layouts, equipment detail design and fabrication of equipment. They specialize in machinery for companies focusing on creating, packaging and distributing food products.

The Challenge

Searching for a way to grow their workplace organization, FusionTECH came across the 5S workplace organization program. FusionTECH was interested in the positive impacts that the 5S system can create for their organization. The 5S methodology is designed to create continuous improvement that builds efficiency and productivity for workplaces, including sorting, set in order, shine/clean, standardize, and sustain. Looking for more guidance on how to apply the principles in their organization, FusionTECH connected with IMEC, part of the MEP National Network™, who has specialists in 5S.

It was a pleasure working with IMEC on our project. The support from the IMEC team truly accelerated our efforts.

— Amber Renard, HR and Safety Manager

MEP's Role

FusionTECHIntegrated connected with IMEC in the spring of 2023 to begin their 5S workplace organization training. The project started with a meeting involving shop floor members and leaders to provide an overview of the program and what to expect. IMEC Technical Specialists returned to the FusionTECHfacilities to help guide and coach the team through the various steps of 5S. Learning and incorporating the strategies with hands-on training in their own workplace makes the aspects of 5S easy to duplicate and continue after the sessions. Major steps in the training include removing unnecessary steps/equipment, determining the best location for items to maximize efficiency, and preparing the workplace for productive and systematic operations. After everything is sorted and set, it’s important to create a habit of keeping areas clean, especially after work is complete in order to create consistency among operations and workers. 


With shifts changing and roles differing, standardizing workstations allows for a seamless transition between workers. FusionTECHincorporated color coding, signage, labeling and standardized instructions that are identical around the facility in order to minimize the potential for confusion. Sustaining these qualities and programs takes a committed effort by the entire workforce, and reinforcing the importance and benefits of 5S leads to prolonged success in the 5S methodology. 


FusionTECHIntegrated had great sessions learning 5S and have seen the benefits of the system throughout their entire organization, leading to increased efficiency and productivity that creates long-term impacts. FusionTECHhas taken their facilities to the next level with the incorporation of 5S workplace organization. 

Created April 16, 2024