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MEP Facility Layout Services Help MOO, Inc., Enjoy Cost Savings and Greater Efficiency

With the help of: Polaris MEP


MOO, Inc., was founded in the United Kingdom in 2006 with a mission of “shaking up the print industry” and offering beautifully designed, high-quality branded items ranging from business cards to notebooks. MOO established a presence in the United States in 2009 and now has roughly 180 employees based in Rhode Island.

The Challenge

MOO’s RI division originally started with an office in East Providence, with print operations concentrated at a facility in Lincoln. In 2023, while preparing to move to a new East Providence location with triple the floorspace, MOO turned to Polaris MEP, part of the MEP National Network™, for support.
[Before] actual implementation of our warehouse project, the future benefits have been assessed and realized. The extra space configuration new set up processes and additional suggestions are all playing a role in future cost savings and overall efficiency for supply chain/warehouse. A huge benefit to us and very exciting.  
— Edward Vieira, Inventory Manager

MEP's Role

The facility, formerly used by a jewelry maker, offered MOO an opportunity to improve efficiencies in many areas, especially receiving and warehouse storage. Polaris MEP Project Manager Ted Kennedy worked with MOO’s team to analyze storage needs. Kennedy developed two separate layout designs-- one maximizing storage space with no budget limit, and one which attempted to meet goals with a constrained budget. The team also generated CAD layouts that would inform future business plans and provided CAD layouts to suppliers for quoting and selection of racking and material handling equipment.

Kennedy’s services also included engineering support for project features, including a climate-controlled storage room, a supermarket approach to pallet and tote storage designed with first-in-first-out inventory valuation method, and a mini-mart on the production floor for line side storage. He also assisted with creating maps for flow lanes and sourcing rack identification signs. 

A year later, Kennedy and MOO’s team once more collaborated to ensure the successful set up of the new storage area. MOO, Inc., Inventory Manager Edward Vieira said that future benefits began to be realized even before the full implementation was completed. “The extra space configuration, new set-up processes and additional suggestions all played a role in cost savings and overall efficiency for supply chain/warehouse. Ted Kennedy’s knowledge and expertise exceeded our expectations.”
Created June 27, 2024