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Licensed Coating Technology Manufacturer in DeKalb Achieves 5S Workplace Organization and Layout


Armoloy of Illinois, a licensed coating technology manufacturer in DeKalb, has provided metal plating for rubber and plastic molding, nuclear, automotive, food processing, OEM machine tooling, aerospace, and bearing industries for over 55 years

The Challenge

Armoloy was seeking a more thorough exploration of workplace organization and the favorable impacts that the 5S system could generate for their organization. The 5S methodology is crafted to foster ongoing improvement, fostering efficiency and productivity in workplaces through sorting, arranging, cleaning, standardizing, and maintaining practices.
The training that IMEC gave our staff has allowed us to have the same mindset when it comes to the 5S methodology. Each department manager has implemented big and small changes that have increased productivity through eliminating waste, organizing, labeling, and creating a more efficient workflow.
— Ryan Hannan, Production Supervisor

MEP's Role

Armoloy of Illinois connected with IMEC, part of the MEP National Network™, in October of 2023 to begin their 5S workplace organization training. The initiative commenced with a meeting that involved shop floor members and leaders, providing an overview of the program and its anticipated outcomes. IMEC Technical Specialists revisited the Armoloy facilities to offer guidance and mentorship to the team throughout the different stages of 5S. By learning and implementing the strategies through hands-on training in their own workspace, the elements of 5S become easily replicable and sustainable beyond the training sessions.

Key aspects of the training encompassed streamlining processes by eliminating unnecessary steps/equipment, identifying optimal locations for items to enhance efficiency, and organizing the workplace for effective and systematic operations. Following the sorting and setting phase, establishing a routine of maintaining cleanliness, particularly post-work completion, is crucial to ensure consistency across operations and among workers.

As shifts change and roles vary, standardizing workstations facilitates a smooth transition between workers within Armoloy. The company adopted signage, labeling, and standardized instructions uniformly across the facility to minimize confusion. Maintaining these practices and programs requires a dedicated effort from the entire workforce, and emphasizing the importance and benefits of 5S contributes to sustained success in this methodology.

Armoloy conducted informative sessions on 5S and has observed the positive effects of the system throughout its entire organization, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity with lasting impacts. Through the integration of 5S workplace organization, Armoloy has enhanced its facilities to a higher level.

Created July 4, 2024