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ISO 50001 Certification Made Possible with Assistance of Purdue MEP


Jaeger-Unitek Sealing Solutions. Inc. is a trusted partner for effective sealing solutions. With a commitment to innovation, quality, and exceptional customer service, the company cater to various industries, including automotive, industrial, heavy truck & trailer, recreational vehicles, agriculture, and wind energy.

The Challenge

Jaeger-Unitek needed to become fully certified in ISO 50001 by the end of 2023. They had just under 18 months to complete the goal, which included setting up the funding application, funding approval, comprehensive training, system setup and implementation, and audit certification. The task was daunting as they had no previous ISO 50001 knowledge or experience. 

Not only did we receive our desired outcome of full certification on time, but we also received glowing remarks from the ISO auditor on how nicely structured our system was set up and how easy it was to audit. In the future, we will not consider other projects like this one without going through Purdue MEP.
— Ray Young , VP Engineering

MEP's Role

Jaeger-Unitek reached out to Purdue MEP, part of the MEP National Network™, to ask if there were any programs and assistance the Center could provide to address some of their needs and concerns. Purdue MEP not only helped with needed background information but also started the funding application process and walked Jaeger-Unitek through it step by step. Believing Purdue MEP could help with many, if not all, of the client's needs, the MEP Center promptly set up a consultant to implement the services. Purdue MEP truly partnered with Jaeger-Unitek to provide a complete and comprehensive ISO 50001 certification and training package.  


Through the diligent efforts and guidance from Purdue MEP, Jaeger-Unitek was able to fully secure a state-funded grant to help cover almost all of the funding to cover all of the activities. They were provided with comprehensive hands-on training and a complete comprehensive and sustainable process system. In the end, Jaeger-Unitek received their full certification on time and within budget in December of 2023.


Created April 25, 2024