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Hardin Optical Growth on Oregon Coast


A second-generation, family-owned small business located in HUB-Zone designated rural Bandon, Oregon, Hardin Optical Company is a manufacturer of precision optical lenses with commercial and defense applications. Some of their most specialized products are manufactured to excruciating micrometer-level tolerances that cannot be measured using conventional industry mechanical metrology.

The Challenge

The company was facing a series of small challenges that imposed a level of stagnation that was eroding the bottom line – first-pass yield was declining, employee turnover was up, margins were narrowing, the customer base defied growth, and small-run projects were sacrificing profitability.
The OMEP team members have a broad suite of valuable skill sets. Their expertise helped close gaps in Finances, Process Development, and Process Control & Documentation. The way the team members steer, coach, and mentor drives improvement and creates employee ownership. It has been a very successful partnership, and the results are clear to see with reduced costs, improved delivery, and sustained or improved quality.
— Martin Mather, Vice President and GM

MEP's Role

In coordination with Hardin, OMEP developed a comprehensive series of projects, including: operational improvements in the two most important production lines; implementation of a new ERP to provide better clarity with data in real time; employee development to nurture talent and invest in the workforce; supervisor coaching to provide leadership skills and practical expertise in lean practices; revised and updated standard work, review of strategic plan and critical roles; and a reorganization of the business development and quality management practices to better align with the strategic and operational plans.
Created May 1, 2024