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Elevated Supervisory Skills Add to Performance & Productivity

With the help of: CONNSTEP


The Siftex Equipment Company of South Windsor, Connecticut, specializes in producing custom flexible connectors, offering a variety of options in terms of shape, size, and composition to serve various industries and applications. Founded in 1983, the company addressed the market demand for high-quality, durable flexible connectors. The Siftex team, equipped with extensive knowledge and talent, can match specific industry and operational demands through its state-of-the-art precision engineering and sewing facilities.

The Challenge

Similar to many companies, Siftex boasts a diverse workforce in terms of experience levels. Siftex's General Manager identified two employees demonstrating leadership potential who could take on additional supervisory responsibilities. Strengthening their skills in managing and leading others within their respective departments would add value to their roles in the organization. These two individuals were relatively early in their careers, and to enhance their supervisory capabilities, the GM looked to broaden their knowledge and understanding of team leadership attributes, behaviors, and best practices. Siftex management sought a program focused on effective people leadership, team management techniques, and the development of structured processes to inspire and motivate others, recognizing the benefits such training would bring to their two supervisor candidates. They turned to CONNSTEP, part of the MEP National Network™, for help.

After the CONNSTEP training, I felt that each employee strengthened their capability as a supervisor. It shows in their confidence to lead others and the processes they have implemented in their departments. It also sends a message to everyone in the company that we care about your career growth and will keep supporting you in your roles.

— Katty Garcia, General Manager

MEP's Role

CONNSTEP’s Supervisor Bootcamp was selected to fulfill the goals of supervisory training for the two Siftex employees. This comprehensive program covers problem-solving, conflict management, time management, communication skills, coaching, lean awareness, and motivational strategies for improved performance.

Following their participation in CONNSTEP’s Supervisor Bootcamp, the two employees, the sewing operations supervisor and the welding supervisor at Siftex experienced a significant elevation in their leadership skills. They established a solid foundation for future growth and have positively impacted the company’s performance and profitability.

These supervisors effectively train their staff to adhere to best practices and customer compliance measures. The training facilitated their transition from peers to supervisors within the organization. They have learned to be more assertive, decisive, and confident in their new roles. They have also implemented visual management tools, such as reminder signs with written procedures, to ensure directions are followed properly for quality control purposes.

Created July 4, 2024