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ATN Training Leads to New Investments for Tyler Union


Based in Anniston, Alabama, Tyler Union has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of ductile iron pipe fittings, restraints, municipal castings, and accessories for much of the past century. The company, founded in 1907 as Union Foundry, has continued to evolve over the last 20 years — from building and expanding with a plant in the Hebei Province of China to merging with the Utility Division of Tyler Pipe (thereby establishing the name Tyler Union).

The Challenge

With a workforce of more than 450, training is essential to ensuring team members are well-equipped for safe and efficient operations. Tyler Union had new CNC flange machinists needing training to improve their skills and efficiency in operating the company’s CNC equipment. It was essential that the team understood how to manage the equipment to ensure everyone was on the same page. With no internal trainer resources available, Tyler Union’s Human Resource Director requested assistance from ATN, part of the MEP National Network™. 
Tyler Union has had great success using Alabama Technology Network (ATN) for skill development in precision machining and preparing our CNC flange machinists for advancement. Over the last five years, Ed Steapleton has prepared several current level 1 flange machinists at Tyler Union for advancement to the next level in their classification series. Team members will echo the success of the program with comments about greater understanding and increased efficiencies. ATN, thank you for supporting our teams!
— Judith Harrison, Human Resource Director

MEP's Role

ATN developed and delivered a custom 68-hour CNC Machinist Training Curriculum. Each training module was geared to increase overall knowledge of machining concepts by providing a broader understanding in the areas of precision measurement, shop math, tooling, blueprint reading and machine operation. ATN tested employees after each module to measure their comprehension of the subject matter. ATN conducted a final hands-on assessment once all training modules were completed, which required employees to perform tool and work offsets and read CNC programs on Tyler Union equipment. 
Created April 24, 2024