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Success Story for Cloud-based Ai-Enabled ECG Analysis platform


zBeats is a Stony Brook incubator company within Stony Brook, New York, with seven full time employees, as well as four part time employees, with their office located at the Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology. They are entirely dedicated to developing personalized healthcare solutions for the cardiovascular life cycle of the human body by using Digital Twin Technology with key products including zBPro software and zBPatch hardware serving the ambulatory cardiac monitoring of major health facilities market. 

The Challenge

zBeats challenge was that their customer base was looking for a cloud-based solution rather than a traditional software solution they would need to install on their own operating systems. Companies were looking to reduce the long term maintenance cost associated with traditional software by switching to a cloud-based software and zBeats' c-suite wanted to fill that hole in the market. zBeats looked to MTRC, the Long Island MEP Center, part of the MEP National Network™, for assistance due to the Center's ability to provide financial assistance as well as consulting and talent solutions.

MTRC has played an integral part in the growth and sustainable practices here at zBeats. With MTRC's connections and funding, we have been able to go outside the scope of our normal bandwidth and resources. Given that- we successfully created the first Cloud-based Ai-Enabled ECG Analysis platform for our customer base- and have proof of concept that lead us to have a successful seed round for our business.


MTRC has been a great partner, and continues to be a great partner, for all things zBeats. We look forward to working with them in the future.

— Bin Fang, CEO / Co-Founder

MEP's Role

First, MTRC came in with financial support to help facilitate the project that zBeats was completing, making sure there were funds available for talent recruiting or needs analysis. MTRC then used its connections to bring in talent that could support the zBeats team in implementing the cloud-based solutions, two computer science student interns and one applied mathematics student. Furthermore, with MTRC's support, zBeats was able to bring a cybersecurity consulting firm on board to the project.
Created January 17, 2024