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Signet Mills Makes New Investments Following SCMEP’s Lean Deployment


Located in Spartanburg, South Carolina, Signet Mills is a family-owned and -operated United States textile manufacturer with a company-wide commitment to excellence. Since 1938, four generations of family ownership have honed and passed down the knowledge of how to create the best possible fabrics and customer experience. The company leads the industry in lowest total cost, shortest lead times, best customer service, and strongest process innovation.


The Challenge

Leadership has been the driver in working to change the culture of the company over the past several years. Signet Mills was looking to implement lean kaizen techniques to improve the flow of material and reduce waste throughout the production processes – focusing on their supply chain and internal opportunities. For help the company turned to SCMEP, part of the MEP National Network™.


We would not have been prepared for success without the support of SCMEP. The marketing, ISO, and lean deployment work within Signet and our suppliers was critical to providing a base for the company’s success of today.
— John Simon Sr., President

MEP's Role

To accomplish this, SCMEP was able to provide an expert lean kaizen resource to work with the Signet Mills team to expand on their initial use of Kaizen, and further deploy techniques into the supply chain and operations. The training consisted of hands-on and classroom techniques.
Created October 25, 2023