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Safety First Improves Employees Morale and Avoid Costs


Pérez Precisión Work is a family business founded in 1998. It is located in the industrial area of Gurabo with more than 20 years of experience in the design, manufacture and modification of all types of metal works in various materials for the pharmaceutical industry, restaurants, residences, hotels, and hospitals in PR and in different parts of the world. They have a payroll of around 25 employees and their facilities have a manufacturing area, machine shop, finishing area, as well as a storage area and modern equipment that allow them to provide work that meets the demands and needs of the client both in time and in the quality of the final product. 


The Challenge

Perez Precision Work has an accelerated growth acquiring new machinery and expanding its services outside of PR. Due to the rapid growth and acquisition of new equipment, the company acknowledge that to meet new production challenges, their employees needs to work safely. Their working environment requires employees understanding of applicable Occupational Health and Safety regulations to avoid costly accidents in the workplace that could affect negatively productivity and unnecessary penalties costs. The company owners recognize the obligation to comply with OSHA regulations and to assure employees are trained in working safety practices. Their high accident risk machines can lead to workers injuries, machine downtime and costly governmental fines of thousands of dollars.   

We have always recognized that having an Occupational Health and Safety program is very important for the safety and health of our employees. During 2022 we requested the services of PRIMEX to work on compliance and continuous improvement in this area. Consultant Rosannie Del Valle prioritized potential risks, developed the written programs and their corresponding trainings with the roles and responsibilities necessary for their implementation, and trained all staff.  We are very grateful for your excellent service.

— Aixa Cabezudo, Vice President

MEP's Role

Due to the interest and commitment to its employees, Perez Precision Work hired the services of Rosannie Del Valle, a Puerto Rico Manufacturing Extension consultant within the Occupational Safety and Health Program, part of the MEP National Network™, who visited them and developed a phased work plan according to the potential risks of their processes and machinery. Based on this, an Occupational Health and Safety Manual was developed with OSHA general requirements and other regulations applicable to the general industry such as machine guarding, lockout tagout and cutting and wWelding. The written programs and trainings were customized to the company including the forms necessary for the practical implementation of these programs. 

Created January 31, 2024