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Peppermint Workshop Ramps Up With Lean Six Sigma

With the help of: Kansas Manufacturing Solutions


Peppermint Workshop is a female owned manufacturing company located in Topeka, Kansas. They are a contract plastic parts fabrication specialist. Bess Pennington and her husband Joe started Peppermint Workshop in 2021.

The Challenge

As a new manufacturing organization, Bess wanted to ensure her business was operating as efficiently as possible. She needed support to understand how to maximize production, create a structured manufacturing process, eliminate waste, and increase productivity and throughput. Peppermint Workshop contacted Kansas Manufacturing Solutions, part of the MEP National Network™, for help.
The training provided by KMS was a tremendous help in the ramp up of my business. As we continue to grow, the principles I learned will help me manage the efficiencies of our production process.
— Bess Pennington, Owner

MEP's Role

Bess attended a Lean Six Sigma Foundations class led by a Kansas Manufacturing Solutions Continuous Improvement Specialist. The class consisted of three, eight hour sessions held over a period of three weeks. The content of the training provided an overview of lean principles to reduce waste and create flow in the production process, and six sigma to reduce the rate of defects.  There were many hands-on activities to encourage the participants to engage in the learning process. These classes provide organizations with powerful tools to enhance their processes, reduce costs, and deliver higher quality products and services. It was an investment that can yield substantial long-term benefits and improvements.

Peppermint Workshop was able to use the training to set up processes that resulted in more efficient and productive employees. A scrap program was developed to recycle plastic that was unavoidable waste from their manufacturing projects.
Created August 2, 2023