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Lean Transformation Drastically Reduces Leadtime for SD Manufacturer


C4 Fabrication specializes in products for Toyota off-road/overland vehicles with over 15 years experience in the off-road and manufacturing industry. Based in Sturgis, South Dakota, they are an industry-leading off-road supplier of Toyota bumpers, sliders, armor, bed racks, rock sliders and more. Designed and manufactured in the USA, C4 delivers the highest quality products in the Toyota off-road/overland industry. C4 is a trusted company that has been built on a reputation of extremely high-quality products that are always delivered within the advertised lead times. C4 offers a quality product that fits their customer's application, whether they are an avid off-roader, over-lander or just a weekend adventurist.

The Challenge

C4 was looking for a way to increase efficiency throughout the plant and reduce lead times in order to better serve their customers. For help the company turned to SD Manufacturing & Technology Solutions (MTS), part of the MEP National Network™.

The 1-piece flow concept helped break up the task for the welders and make their day more enjoyable, while simultaneously moving product out the door more quickly.

— Brian Beaudin, General Manager

MEP's Role

C4 was introduced to MTS by a friend of the owner, whose own business had engaged with MTS in the past. A few members of the C4 team completed the Lean 101 and Lean Certification offerings, but in order to get the whole team on board with lean concepts, it became evident that the best course of action would be to engage the whole team with the course. MTS provided a private Lean 101 training to C4 to familiarize their entire team with lean concepts and help transform the organization. As a result, lead-time was reduced from 14 week to 8 weeks, with a goal of further reduction to 4 weeks by the end of the 2023.

Created October 20, 2023