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Leadership Training Can Drive Company Growth

With the help of: Kansas Manufacturing Solutions


Since 1957, Peerless Engineering and Manufacturing, Co., of Kansas City, Kansas, has been solving unique challenges for their customers by supplying material processing and handling equipment — including quarry, asphalt, aggregate, frac sand, and mining. Most well-known for their ability to design and build unique solutions, Peerless also has an outstanding stable of stock products that are used at quarries and agricultural facilities around the world.

The Challenge

General Manager Doug Wilson was having the same challenges many other manufacturers are experiencing, hiring and retaining employees, and ensuring optimal productivity. Rather than initially focusing on front-line employees, Doug recognized that effective leadership plays a pivotal role in shaping the workplace culture and influencing recruitment efforts. He needed to better understand the capabilities of his leadership team members to develop those individuals, leading to a positive impact on hiring, retention, and productivity outcomes.
Investing in our leadership was a foundational change in our manufacturing journey. Empowered leaders, equipped with refined skills and guided by a strategic vision, became the driving force towards sustainable growth.
— Doug Wilson, General Manager

MEP's Role

For the first step in efforts to resolve Peerless’ challenges, Kansas Manufacturing Solutions, part of the MEP National Network™, focused on assessing the competencies, skills, and management styles of the existing leadership team. This undertaking aimed to identify areas of strength and potential areas for improvement within the team that could have a direct impact on the hiring process.  Through a series of interviews and daily operation observations, a leadership SWOT analysis was completed and a discovery report with recommendations was created and provided to Doug.

The second step consisted of tailored training programs that addressed specific areas of improvement identified in the assessment. These programs not only targeted traditional leadership skills but also incorporated modules on effective communication, team building, and fostering a positive workplace culture.  By aligning leadership training with the outcomes of the leadership team assessment, Peerless created a more cohesive and capable leadership team. This strategy not only established a foundation for sustained improvement in hiring and recruitment processes but also overall team performance.

The third step was to ensure Peerless’ strategic plan was embraced by the leadership team. There is an emphasized need for leadership alignment with organizational goals and values. Effective leaders play a pivotal role in shaping and executing these strategies, as their guidance is essential in navigating the organization toward success. The tactics used by KMS in collaboration with Doug enhanced the organization's ability to build a strong leadership team capable of effectively addressing the company’s challenges and objectives.  

Created January 31, 2024