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KeySpin Manufacturing Embraces What They Learned in the Marketing Strategies Collaborative Program


KeySpin employs seven people in a 6,500-square-foot facility in Merrimack, New Hampshire. KeySpin Manufacturing was founded in 2015 when the principals’ employer, Keystone Dental, divested themselves of internal machining and outsourced their internal production to the newly-formed company. Since then KeySpin has weathered many storms, but in the last seven years they have increased their capacity 75%, adding capabilities to machine larger parts and expanding their base business beyond dental. Some of the company's new markets are medical, industrial and defense.

The Challenge

“During the early part of the 2020 winter KeySpin was starting to struggle,” said Elizabeth Cacciola, Managing Partner of KeySpin Manufacturing. “Then the Covid-19 pandemic hit and all of the challenges that came with it made our situation even more difficult.”

That was when KeySpin realized they needed to expand their customer base and diversify into new markets. Around this time Elizabeth heard about a marketing information session workshop offered by NH MEP, part of the MEP National Network™, and presented by their 3rd-party partner TribalVision, a cutting-edge digital marketing firm.

As a very small business, KeySpin benefited greatly from attending NH MEP’s 'high end' training workshops, run by seasoned experts and professionals. We familiarized ourselves with new marketing tactics and strategies and were able to implement those concepts when we updated our website and optimized our internet search criteria. This helped diversify our customer base which was the goal all along.
— Elizabeth Cacciola, Managing Partner

MEP's Role

Elizabeth attended an information session workshop and was excited about what she learned. This led her to sign up for NH MEP’s full series of marketing training workshops, the “Marketing Strategies Collaborative Program” hosted by TribalVision, a four-part series of online workshops for small- and medium-sized manufacturers looking to accelerate their sales growth and compete better on the local and global stage. It was designed to develop new markets, a marketing strategy, and branding materials, and to enhance the lead generation process. Four to six companies participate together to learn and share ideas.

The training sessions consisted of one day of classroom training with all the participating companies. Then one week later another day of classroom training. That was followed by a day of individual company training. Then after all the individual company training had been completed, there was a half-day debrief session with all participating companies.
Created October 11, 2023