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Frederick Machine & Manufacturing (FMM) is a certified woman owned repair and fabrication machine shop in Buffalo, NY. In business since 1945, FMM has been supporting clients with service and expertise across all machining, welding, fabrication, and repair projects, delivering technology-driven solutions to customers with a one-stop destination for comprehensive turnkey manufacturing and repair. Fabrication capabilities consist of manual and CNC milling and turning, (for large and small size parts), saw cutting, water jet cutting, welding, assembly and CMM inspection services. The company primarily sells to customers located in western and central New York.

The Challenge

The small company has been ISO 9001:2015 certified, with Insyte’s assistance, since 2016 but could not provide internal resources to conduct regular required audits of their quality management system (QMS). This inability to conduct internal audits, consequently, put their ISO certification, and some customer revenue, at risk.

Insyte’s help in both setting up our QMS and continuing to audit our processes and system is a fundamental reason our certification is valid and our customers keep requesting our services.

— Jennifer Frederick-Kelly, President

MEP's Role

For the past 7 years, FMM has engaged Insyte Consulting, part of the New York MEP and the MEP National Network™, to complete their required annual internal audits. FMM and Insyte personnel set up a regular schedule to conduct these audits, reporting on the findings, and assisting on implementing corrective actions prior to their annual ISO audits. Having Insyte’s certified lead auditors complete the internal audits maintains FMM’s ISO certification, provides valuable outside perspective, and removes the task from internal resources so they could be freed up to support manufacturing. Over the years of having Insyte complete the audits, Insyte’s consultants not only assisted in the auditing, but made valuable recommendations for operational improvements and built a good working relationship with FMM’s leadership and shop floor team.

Created July 11, 2023