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Haynes International Achieves AS9100 Certification With Help from NCMEP Partner: A Testament to Excellence in Aerospace Manufacturing


Haynes International has been instrumental in the aerospace industry's development since its inception. In World War I, Haynes STELLITE® alloy cutting tools were crucial for producing military aircraft engines. In the 1930s, Haynes cobalt-base STELLITE® alloys were used on hard-face engine exhaust valves, providing increased reliability and power for higher horsepower engines. During World War II, Haynes supplied over 25 million STELLITE® investment cast blades or "buckets" for aircraft engine superchargers. With over a century of experience, they have become a trusted name in providing innovative solutions for the most demanding applications in aerospace, medical, chemical processing and other high-temperature environments.

The Challenge

Haynes International connected with the North Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NCMEP) partner, North Carolina State University Industry Expansion Solutions (IES). When the Mountain Home facility wanted to improve its AS9100 standard, IES was the first organization Quality Assurance Manager Bobby Chandler called. IES met with senior management to understand their shared expectations and how their business operated. They also conducted one-on-one interviews with department heads and interacted with the associates on the shop floor.
The trainers from IES have worked in the industry; they understand our needs individually. Working at an organization for so long, you get acclimated to how the operations work. Having a group of professionals identify things you overlook because you were desensitized to it helps tremendously. We'll also introduce that training as new supervisors come on board.
— Bobby Chandler, Quality Assurance Manager

MEP's Role

IES-conducted AS9100 audits have also been a highlight of the collaboration with Haynes International. “IES does such a deep dive into audits. For instance, they noticed something wrong with our terms and conditions for customer purchase orders. We were confident that we had “crossed our t’s and dotted our i’s,” but IES came in and found we were missing verbiage in the terms and conditions we needed to comply with AS9100. Other auditors never caught that,” stated Chandler. Haynes Wire also revised the data collection methodology based on IES recommendations. They went to a more electronic base to have more control of record retention and ease of data collection.

As a result of working with IES, Haynes International increased investment in new products/processes, purchased new equipment and increased employee skills. Even when IES isn’t actively working on a project with Haynes International, Chandler says Chris McGraw always reaches out.  “Chris McGraw does constant follow-ups with us. His and the other IES trainers' fresh eyes provide a different but knowledgeable perspective, allowing us to act quickly and effectively.” 

Created October 25, 2023