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Formulation Work Supports Job Creation in Mississippi


Chromis Technologies of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, has revolutionized the field of amorphous fluoropolymers, eliminating the need for material compromise for buyers. Chromis designs amorphous fluoropolymers using a variety of monomers, working with customers from the start of the material design process, to create polymers with optimal composition, molecular weight distribution, and solution formulation for the customer’s application. Chromis then uses its novel and environmentally responsible synthesis methods to develop and manufacture the customer’s target polymer.

The Challenge

The impact of Chromis Technologies’ CyclAFlor line of standard and customer amorphous fluoropolymers extends far beyond their initial optical applications. As they ventured into new application areas, they recognized the necessity of a capable laboratory and skilled polymer experts to support their product development and commercialization endeavors encompassing synthesis, scale-up, and analytical testing. 
Our relationship with MPI and the Accelerator has truly been enabling for Chromis. The people there have brought first-rate synthetic and analytical chemistry skills to our team, and the quality and scope of the facilities in the Accelerator is simply excellent. We are excited about the opportunities that have developed for us, and we are confident that our partnership with MPI and the Accelerator will be a big part of our growth going forward.
— Whitney White, Chief Technology Officer

MEP's Role

The Mississippi Polymer Institute (MPI) and the USM Innovation and Commercialization Park played a crucial role in bridging this gap. Initially, collaborative work took place at MPI, enabling Chromis employees to work side-by-side with the existing team. As their requirements grew, they partnered with an in-house contract research company, facilitating increased support and access to a dedicated laboratory for developmental work. The MMA-MEP program, part of the MEP National Network™, is invaluable to supporting organizations like MPI to offer differentiated and value-added services to MS manufacturers like Chromis. 

Today, the impact of Chromis Technologies to Mississippi and to industry is undeniable. They have expanded their presence within the Innovation and Commercialization Park's Accelerator facility with additional specialized laboratories and office spaces. In a strategic move, Chromis has shifted their core operations from New Jersey to Mississippi, demonstrating their dedication to bringing high-value products to the industry while securing next-phase funding and commercial contracts.

Through their disruptive advancements in amorphous fluoropolymers and their fruitful collaboration with the Mississippi Polymer Institute and the USM Innovation and Commercialization Park, Chromis Technologies has solidified its significance. They continue to lead the charge with materials that mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, are critical to clean fuel production, enhance stereolithographic 3D printing processes, and enable data transmission at the speed-of-light.

Created July 29, 2023