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Establishing A New Website with Help from IMEC


Steven Plastics Inc. is a custom plastic injection molder in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. They currently have 12 employees. They make a variety of products, including household items, machine parts, and automotive parts. They specialize in engineering/product design, tooling/mold making, production and CNC machining services. Their main customers are in the Midwest region of the United States.

The Challenge

Steven Plastics needed to dramatically increase its market awareness and promote its extensive range of processing capability from 75 to 3000 tons. As a smaller company, having an online presence was a goal for Steven Plastics to help them grow their reach. However, being a small company also meant they had fewer resources and less time to put towards the project. They also do not have their own marketing department, which meant they would likely need outside help generating a strong, effective webpage.

In 2021, Doug Pennington of IMEC, part of the MEP National Network™, proactively assisted their team with ISO recertification. However, after that project was completed, they were not aware of the additional grants offered to manufacturers by IMEC. Once again, Doug Pennington provided exceptional guidance to the organization and encouraged them to apply for additional grants, specifically one for the website development they needed. This connection was exactly what Steven Plastics needed.

Without the guidance of IMEC, we would not have discovered the additional grants available for our business. We are energized and are now promoting our extensive capabilities to new market segments!

— Diane Pietrasik, Managing Director

MEP's Role

In March of 2023, Steven Plastics initiated work with the IMEC project team to develop their new corporate website. IMEC and Steven Plastics put together a list of wants (and needs) for their website. IMEC incorporated a third-party resource with expertise on the topic to help provide more guidance and make sure that the website created would be to the best of its capabilities. Working with strong minds between Steven Plastics, IMEC, and their third-party resource, the team was able to construct a rough draft of the website before officially beginning the creation.

The website now features a user-friendly interface featuring their comprehensive capabilities including mold design and build, injection molding production, CNC machining and their proprietary brands. They were thrilled with the enhanced design and the “instant quote form” which allows them to receive CAD and STP files needed to deliver expedited quotes to customers. The enhanced website will further enable them to build stronger customer relationships and generate new revenue.

They also stressed their emphasis on now being able to effectively feature their popular proprietary product brands including Untangler Rotating Tooth Pet Combs, Hair Doctor Rotating Tooth Hair Combs, Pop Top Medical Containers and Fisherman’s Round Tackle Boxes, as well as offering private branding services to new customers.

Created October 27, 2023