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Employee Empowerment: Investing in Employees Pays Dividends


Hirsh Industries, LLC, of Dover, Delaware, manufactures and supplies metal filing, storage, and organizational products for personal and commercial use. They have a storage solution for any office need. Their products work together to provide comprehensive, functional, and stylish storage system. 

Hirsh has had an aggressive growth strategy through investment and expansion both organically as well as through acquisitions. Their expanding portfolio of value engineered products have applications in government, education, and business markets. Hirsh prides themselves on providing quality products that represent outstanding value to end-users, supply chain excellence, and world class customer service.

The Challenge

 Hirsh was particularly interested in instilling the spirit of continuous improvement in all departments throughout the plant.Hirsh began working with DEMEP, part of the MEP National Network™, to take advantage of their extensive and thorough training programs.
The training course was digestible and delivered in a manner that cultivated a sense of curiosity and drive for applying the skills reviewed in the course.
— Kyle Dolly, Industrial Engineering Manager

MEP's Role

Six Sigma Green Belt training the perfect course for many of Hirsh’s employees that had no prior formal Six Sigma experience. Employees were eager to start the course when they were selected to enroll. They could not wait to learn concepts and methods that would help make themselves and those around them safer and more efficient.

After completing the training, the employees had a new lens to view their working environment. They became more observant of wasteful, non-value-added activities throughout the plant. One employee utilized their team management skills, process mapping and 5S tools acquired at the training to initiate a 5S event within the quality department. The training allowed for this team member to identify and implement positive change in their work environment that wouldn’t have previously become apparent. The employee was also able to re-arrange materials on the production line to reduce the number of steps workers had to take to reach their resources required to meet the job function. They were also able to apply their process mapping skills to create a system to reduce scrap within the plant.


Created April 29, 2023