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Eagle Precision Sheet Metal Builds a Foundation for the Future


Eagle Precision Sheet Metal started in Cornelius, Oregon, in 2001. Since then the company has been delivering the highest quality products to semiconductor, technology, medical, B2B electronic manufacturers and beyond. 

The Challenge

Sometimes OMEP, part of the MEP National Network™, is brought into a business to help solve one problem — but when the team digs deeper, they find that the solution is different than anticipated. Sometimes the opportunities are bigger, too. That’s what happened with QPD (formerly Eagle Precision Sheet Metal).

When OMEP engaged with Eagle Precision Sheet Metal the company was struggling with flat-lined sales. Eagle asked for help creating a sales leadership position to boost their revenue and financial stability. What initially seemed like a straightforward need for more sales soon evolved into a different assignment. OMEP recognized that, beneath the surface, Eagle Precision had been grappling with issues foundational to its growth and long-term success. At the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic threw a curveball at Eagle Precision — impacting their customer base and intensifying the challenges they were already grappling with.

OMEP's local to global insights have been critical and necessary for our company to transition from Industry 1.0 to 2.0. OMEP’s breadth and understanding of the operational and strategic best practices has allowed QPD to avoid bankruptcy during COVID and thrive during the structural shifts that are happening in manufacturing in America.

— Ray Phillips, COO / CFO

MEP's Role

OMEP brought clarity and a roadmap for transformation. The key to the project’s success lay in recognizing that putting sales ahead of operations was not going to fix the company's problems. Instead, the team decided to get Eagle Precision's operational foundation in order, setting the stage for sustainable growth.

One crucial aspect of the solution was the creation of more standardized procedures. OMEP staff recognized the need to establish operational best practices, providing Eagle Precision with the tools and strategies to enhance its operational leadership and practices. Continuous improvement became the guiding principle. The pivotal component of this transformation was the development of standardized procedures to create consistency and efficiency in their operations.

Created October 31, 2023, Updated April 18, 2024