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Crossroads Railcar Services' Business Growth


Crossroads Railcar Services, Inc., located in Stearns, Kentucky, manufactures, restores, repairs and services railcars. Founded in 2013, Crossroads is fully equipped to manufacture their custom line of open-air Thoroughbred private passenger railcars.

The Challenge

Crossroads Railcar Services, Inc. had a great product, but was trying to break into a tightly-controlled market. The company needed help making their operation more efficient while executing strategic moves that would enable them to grow.

Crossroads would not have been able to advance into manufacturing without the help of KY-MEP. They helped us advance into manufacturing with knowledge to track inventory, set the shop up for manufacturing, and help get our shop AAR certified while doing this efficiently.

— Michelle Richards, Administrator

MEP's Role

KY-MEP, part of the MEP National Network™, helped the company streamline its shop making its production cycle more efficient. Growth planning and execution was also provided through the Manufacturing Growth Cohort which netted the company new sales opportunities. Crossroads Railcar Services was introduced to new customers and vendors. They received a major contract opportunity as a direct result of the Cohort, and grew their workforce slightly.

Created April 29, 2023, Updated June 15, 2023