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CRG Automation Business Development Success


CRG’s experienced team understands each problem is unique, so the company delves into opportunities with their customers to make them more efficient with custom automation solutions. Founded in 2000, CRG specializes in the custom engineering of automated solutions for the packaging, material handling and manufacturing industries. CRG Automation not only develops new systems but re-engineers and rebuilds existing ones to meet changing needs. CRG's modern machine shop, with 40,000-square-foot facility in Louisville, Kentucky, features a controls and fabrication shop, plus the floor space required to set up and conduct performance testing for complete packaging and processing lines. 

The Challenge

CRG has been manufacturing custom cartoners for years. Cartoner machines, also known as cartoners, are a type of packaging machine that forms carton packaging.
At this point in CRG's evolution, it is time to re-invest into product development and take CRG's cartoner to the next level! While strategically the correct direction, other priorities have been blocking any significant advance on this effort and leadership needed help to get a solid start.
KY-MEP was able to take us through a 2-day workshop that accomplished what I have been trying to do for months - organized our idea and launched our development.
— Ken Tinnell, President

MEP's Role

KY-MEP, part of the MEP National Network™, provided CRG the spark to the product development flame that the company needed to fully dive into designing the North Star Cartoner - CRG's new design that should change cartoning for the entire industry. The North Star design effort is now past the "fuzzy front end" and design work has developed nicely. CRG expects to unveil the new carton design in the summer of 2024 and put it on tour, through the United States, at that time.
Created July 29, 2023