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Competitiveness Review Assessment Uncovers Need for Sustainable Continuous Improvement Journey


For over 42 years Gainey’s has been the leading manufacturer of custom wastewater, stormwater and industrial precast concrete products throughout Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. After starting out as a residential septic tank installation company in 1981, the company would soon grow to expand its portfolio to include new markets and various product lines. Dealt a devastating blow in 1994 with the death of Founder Richard Gainey, the Gainey family rallied together in order to keep his dream and the company alive.  Through the hard work of CEO Lisa Gainey Roache, President Greg Roache, and the Gaineys' employees, the company is alive and thriving, and constantly growing to accommodate the needs of an ever-changing industry.

The Challenge

Gainey’s Concrete Products originally reached out to the MEP of LA, part of the MEP National Network™, in 2018, looking for strategies to remove waste from their business. MEP of LA Project Manager Dan Stumper delivered a Competitiveness Review Assessment with Gainey’s Concrete Products. The formal assessment discovered many different avenues that could help the company grow and prosper, including a proper business plan.

Dan Stumper is a valued business mentor to Gainey’s. We often look to him for guidance. This year we invited him to sit in on our strategic planning session. By making Dan aware of the areas that we are struggling with, he can better help us discover the resources to address our needs.

— Lisa Roache, CEO

MEP's Role

To kick off their continuous improvement journey, Gainey’s Concrete Products started the process of tracking key metrics in their business. Gainey’s also started training their employees in lean concepts, enrolling 6 of their employees in a multi-company Lean 101 class held at their facility in Holden, LA.

In 2021, Gainey’s Concrete participated in the MEP of LA COVID-19 Business Assessment revealing their need for funding, training and leadership solutions. At the beginning of 2022, Gainey’s Concrete Products acted on these needs and contacted the MEP of LA regarding sourcing leadership training.

Gainey’s Concrete Products was utilizing out of state resources for various training needs. MEP of LA Project Manager Dan Stumper developed sourcing options by identifying leadership training needs and providing in-state resources to bid on the project. Ultimately, an in-state, vetted MEP of LA third party provider was selected.

As a result of the lean training, assessments, and sourcing leadership training received by Gainey’s Concrete Products, the company was selected as the 2023 recipient of the LCTCS MEP of LA Small Business Award and honored at the Small and Emerging Business Development event in May 2023.

Created July 6, 2023