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Carla’s Sweets Managing Growth


Carla’s Sweets Corp. has been in business since 1994 in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, preparing a variety of sweets and pastries with the highest quality standards and consistency, using the best quality ingredients available, like fresh eggs and 100% real butter. 

The Challenge

After numerous collaborations over the years with PR Manufacturing Extension, part of the MEP National Network™, in 2021 Carla’s Sweets Corp. contacted PR Manufacturing Extension to request assistance in transforming the business by identifying improvement opportunities and implementing recommendations. Carla's Sweets Corp. had grown and acquired new equipment and materials, but proper planning in facilities design wasn’t executed.
I have a long relationship with PR Manufacturing Extension and have always reached to them when there’s a need of improvement and growth. During 2021 we contacted PR Manufacturing Extension and Eng. José Colón, PR Manufacturing Extension performance consultant, and introduced us to Natali Camacho BSIE, PR Manufacturing Extension project engineer; she assisted us in the design and implementation of the improved layout design, including all key personnel to ensure success. I am very grateful for the assistance provided and the continuous consultation services to support our business growth.
— Carlos Perez, CEO/General Manager

MEP's Role

After careful consideration, data collection and analysis, PR Manufacturing Extension recommended a layout re-design in the production area to improve efficiency, productivity and space usage optimization.
Created July 25, 2023