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Be Found Online


Ellie Day Activewear, an athletic clothing manufacturer in River Forest, Illinois, was created with one major goal in mind: create golf attire that fits the wants and needs of female golfers. Elaine Spoerer, founder of Ellie Day Activewear, said that her mindset is to create attire that “represents the personality of the consumer, while making them feel comfortable and confident wearing it."

The Challenge

Looking to branch out and reach more markets, Spoerer felt that the next step would be to upgrade her website and eCommerce marketplace. At the time, IMEC, part of the MEP National Network™, had recently released their “Cook County Manufacturing Reinvented Grant”, designed to help small to mid-sized manufacturers (SMMs) with funding for projects to grow. Realizing the opportunity to receive the grant to help with these goals, Spoerer applied and received one of the grants provided in their program.

It (the project) seamlessly worked out great. I really couldn’t recommend it enough. I’ve sent the link to apply to a couple of designers that I am friends with, saying ‘Hey, this is amazing. Look at what they can do for your business, this is important.’

— Elaine Spoerer, Owner/President

MEP's Role

After completing a needs evaluation, IMEC started their “Be Found Online” project with Ellie Day Activewear. Upon starting the new project, she was connected with a third-party resource (TPR) who specializes in website and online marketplace marketing, Curt Anderson of B2btail.

After collaborating with both IMEC specialists and B2btail, the plan was set into place to help revamp and customize her website to maximize audience interest and reach. The website was designed to meet the exact needs and wants of Spoerer, while also incorporating interactive media that would catch visitors’ attention. It was evident when upgrading the website that the website and the eCommerce platform go hand-in-hand. Having the seamless connection from the website to the marketplace is important, and that was a main goal of both Spoerer, B2btail and IMEC.

Along the way, Ellie Day also used the opportunity to revitalize their social media, especially LinkedIn. Realizing the way that the website and eCommerce easily intertwine with social media has led to growth for both their social media and in the sales as well. Ellie Day continues to grow using their social media, website, and marketplace.

Created October 20, 2023