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B2B Marketing Approach for Small Business


Durbin Machine North is a family-owned and run machine shop in Bombay, New York. The company specializes in high-quality custom machine solutions, creating and delivering the exact parts their customers need, when they need them. DMN works in a wide variety of materials doing CNC turning and milling, manual machining, welding and fabricating, and grinding and honing. They can do small or medium runs, replicate broken parts, and will do prototyping as well. Their work is most often in the digital and microscopic NDT (non-destructive testing), automotive, petroleum, automation, and aerospace industries.

The Challenge

Vice President Jeff Durbin realized he was reliant on a small number of clients and wanted to build that number and diversify that base, specifically with regional clients. Durbin Machine North has been machining parts for a long time, and their shop has a solid reputation among their current clients; nurturing those relationships was already a strength. The company’s website was out of date, however, and they needed new ways to engage with potential clients. Durbin Machine North turned to CITEC, part of the New York MEP and the MEP National Network™.
We are easier to find, now that we have a website and a plan. I felt like I got something taken care of that I was not able to do before, and CITEC made it easy. 
— Jeff Durbin, VP

MEP's Role

For a family-run machine shop, small changes can make big differences. While the impacts of projects like these seem like low numbers, these kinds of businesses are important for stabilizing remote rural economies. In order to make sure to reach the right audience, it was important to define the current market, the target market, and clearly express the shop’s capacities and services. It was also vital to specify Durbin Machine North’s value proposition, or what differentiates their shop from the others. At that point it became easy to build the basic messaging for the new website. A new contemporary logo was also developed to build low-key brand identity.


Once the new website was in place, a plan to promote the company using in-house capacity was built. It was determined that Jeff Durbin would continue as the primary business development  and marketing contact for the business, and his time for accomplishing marketing tasks were mornings, as machines are warming up or during long runs, so we had to build a plan to accommodate that availability. Jeff was already good at checking in with his current clients, so additional tasks included updating the website gallery with new projects, and a small amount of social media networking with other shops and posting interesting projects. Additional work around attending regional networking events and making sure business cards and package drops were produced rounded out this simple plan. For future consideration, DMN will work with the local PTAC, and toward ISO or cyber certification if they are determined to be limiting factors.

Created June 28, 2023