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Assessments Lead to Expanded Business Model with Future Outcomes


Located in the New Orleans region, Davis Drapery & Interiors, Inc., (DD&I) is a manufacturer of specialty custom window coverings and bedding. From casinos to hotels, the company has provided quality products and services for 50+ years. Some of the products manufactured or provided at Davis Drapery & Interiors, Inc. (DD&I) are drapery and sheers, horizontal and vertical blinds, cornices and valances, custom rods and tracks, 3-M window film, shutters, solar shades, pillows and cushions, comforters and dust ruffles, headboards, cubicle curtains, shower curtains, safety curtains, stage curtains, and much more! Their extensive product list allows their customers a wide variety of choices for many different situations.

The Challenge

Davis Drapery & Interiors, Inc. was first introduced to the LCTCS MEP of LA, part of the MEP National Network™, in 2018 through the Louisiana Economic Gardening program. Louisiana Economic Development began this program to help accelerate the growth of Louisiana-based small businesses like Davis Drapery & Interiors. Based on this successful relationship and subsequent projects, in 2022 Project Manager Dan Stumper conducted a business continuity assessment for DD&I. After understanding their current business impacts and needs based on the Business Continuity Report completed with the client, Stumper again was able to provide recommendations to assist in their overall growth and productivity.

Back in 2018 when Dan Stumper, Project Manager of LCTCS MEP of LA walked in our door, I was working on revamping our operations to try to make it more efficient and productive, along with taking stress off the current staff. Dan arrived just at the right time. He brought knowledge and information that has helped our company establish a better focus on the right product and the right set-up to advance our company. When Covid hit, I am sure without that proper focus, we may not have survived. However, because we were better prepared, we were able to keep all employees on full payroll, which allowed us to keep the people who are trained on the information systems and journeyman data required to make this company run. Now, because we have utilized guidance and assistance from LCTCS MEP of LA, our company maintains a contract balance of $900,000.00.  I am hopeful and positive that with the upcoming website development finalization, our business will continue to grow and prosper.

— Debora Lambert, General Manager

MEP's Role

After noting their three biggest concerns as manpower, material supply, and keeping costs down in the business continuity assessment, Stumper recommended modifying the quality assurance and quality control process outline for what leadership and teams would do to identify, manage, and communicate a potential product issues; develop a custom communications plan; develop a company-wide management plan as part of the business continuity plan; institute written standard operating procedures; and initiate a prioritization process for supplier purchase orders. 

Created October 27, 2023