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AS9100 Rev D Certification Propels Business Growth

With the help of: CONNSTEP


(RCT) is a Kensington, Connecticut, manufacturer of propeller, fan, and lift rotor systems, with extensive prototype and test capabilities. RCT has proposed and worked on a variety of aircraft and UAV propulsion systems for major U.S. corporations, including large propellers for commuter and military applications. The company's engineering staff has developed innovative, in-house patented technology to accelerate durable, lightweight composite blade design, analysis and fabrication from initial customer requirements to prototyping and when necessary, to limited production.

The Challenge

In addition to focusing on designing the industry’s strongest and lightest composite bladed propulsion systems, RCT sought to expand their business. Increasingly, opportunities for business growth came with a requirement of being certified to the AS9100 Rev D standard which RCT was interested in pursuing. RCT leadership was interested in moving beyond design and prototyping and into a production level cadence for their small company. Becoming certified to the standard could lead to winning true production contracts and would help offset time between projects and establish continuous, productive jobs.

CONNSTEP was instrumental during the implementation process, translating into manageable chunks what was and was not needed to be documented. Their guidance helped us avoid going down a rabbit hole.

— Kristin Broska, Vice President of Business Operations

MEP's Role

When the RCT leadership team decided to develop their Quality Management System (QMS) with certification to the AS9100 Rev D standard, they turned to CONNSTEP, their local MEP center and part of the MEP National Network™, for assistance. A CONNSTEP quality consultant worked with RCT to establish the implementation schedule and prepare the company for their certification audit.


The completed tasks included conducting an initial assessment, training RCT leadership and key staff to ensure their understanding of the requirements of AS9100 Rev D, and examining current documentation and processes to determine the degree of conformance to the standard. CONNSTEP also mentored and assisted RCT in preparation for a certification audit to AS9100 Rev D. The entire team at RCT, from the president to technicians, weighed in on quality objectives, key processes, and any issues they were having with their QMS in order to ensure their effective operation.

CONNSTEP collaborated with RCT to facilitate the examination of their existing documentation and practices and worked with the organization in the preparation for a certification audit to AS9100 Rev D. Subsequently, the CONNSTEP consultant conducted an internal quality audit, reported findings to RCT management for disposition, and helped to determine if its QMS is being implemented effectively and efficiently.

Created April 5, 2023