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Rockline Industry Rocks with Leader Starter KATA - Leader Starter Kata (LSK) helps company achieve a 16% overall business improvement in less than 5 months for three production lines.


Rockline is a global leader in the wet wipes and coffee filters industries, distributing its products in over 50 countries around the world. Global reach has led Rockline to locate manufacturing, sales and technical offices in strategic locations to serve customers around the world with three manufacturing facilities in Arkansas.

The Challenge

Given the enormous demand for wet wipes as a result of COVID 19, Rockline determined that its production lines would need to improve. As such, the company reached out to AMS, part of the MEP National Network™, to see what could be offered to help meet immediate and future requirements.
Utilizing AMS’ Leader Starter Kata program with our supervisors and line leads has led to significant improvement in our 9 KPIs of process (quality, cost, delivery), communication (accurate, complete, timely), and people (safety, environment, morale).
— Mark Clark, General Manager

MEP's Role

Given that AMS had already helped to introduce and implement Mike Rother’s Toyota Kata in 2013 at one of Rockline’s Arkansas facilities, it was suggested that the company revisit the concept to see if/how it might be of further value. As such, AMS offered Leader Starter Kata as a solution. A one day on site LSK kickoff session was conducted with six Rockline supervisors who were responsible for three production lines. During the initial session, AMS helped the teams develop challenge statements and create target conditions. Then, utilizing a LSK .xlsx workbook to identify obstacles and conduct PDCA experiments, weekly Zoom Kata coaching calls were utilized over a five month period to address progress based on their 9 key performance indicators.
Created July 28, 2022