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Rapid Prototyping User Facility - From Design to Market


Snake Trap LLC is a small shop operated by two owner-operators out of Northport, New York. The main owner, Rob Lauth, designed and invented a sanitary cover/snap case for toilet augers with the flagship product being the Universal 6 Foot Auger Cover. The sanitary snap case prevents the auger’s drippings from contaminating the nearby floors and surfaces. Snake Trap’s major markets are hospitals, universities, plumbers, and plumbing supply distributors.

The Challenge

The initial challenge was the overall design of the product in the first place. Rob had a vision of what the product would look like and needed help getting to the next steps in terms of 3D modeling and designing. This is where MTRC, part of the New York MEP and the MEP National Network™, came in.

Without the dedication from the MTRC staff, especially Jessica and Cynthia, we would not have a product. They saw us through our initial period where this was just a concept all the way through to having an existing physical product that is being sold through major channels. They have been an invaluable asset and going forward we look to lean on them heavily during our upcoming marketing outreach efforts.
— Gordon Cinco, CTO

MEP's Role

The company engaged with MTRC to utilize the rapid prototyping user facility. MTRC technicians helped develop a functional prototype design. SnakeTrap was able to use that design to print and work with MTRC staff through over eight revisions. This project helped SnakeTrap design several other products that are currently in the pipeline and the main product is now available live at The Home Depot.

Created August 12, 2022