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Precision manufacturer finds fast growth service aerospace, defense industries


From its location in northeast Sioux Falls, Rensberger Technologies and its team of approximately 15 employees focuses on creating the challenging, custom components needed for aerospace and defense equipment, along with medical devices and other custom manufacturing work. In less than three years the Sioux Falls manufacturer has grown to work with some of the biggest players in aerospace and defense. It began when Rensberger bought the building that used to include a previous tool and die manufacturer.

"All the work done here is specific to customers’ needs," said Nate Grosz, who has lead the sales and business development efforts since it was founded in early 2020 by local entrepreneur Ron Rensberger. “Ron brought on board some of the high-level talent they had as well as high-level talent from other areas of the region and started new from there. We created a completely new and different entity that focuses on providing precision manufacturing solutions to complex projects."

The Challenge

A business like Rensberger has to be able to prove it does quality work, which is why it sought AS9100 certification for more than a year. Customers were waiting for Rensberger's certification and could not work with the company until they had it. After a quick search online, the Rensberger Technologies team found South Dakota Manufacturing & Technology Solutions (MTS), part of the MEP National Network™, could help with that process.  

We were a new company struggling at the beginning of COVID-19, being able to utilize MTS services was a huge win for us. To have support locally meant we didn’t have to fly someone in from a larger city to help for a week at a time. MTS was here every week to meet with members of our team and acted as our guide. It was very beneficial working with them.
— Nate Grosz, Director of Sales & Business Development

MEP's Role

Companies need to prepare applicable documents required by AS9100, based on a detailed study of all activities of the organization. That includes a quality manual, quality procedures, identification of appropriate and defined regulatory requirements, and confirmed compliance with the regulatory requirements, standard operating procedures, and formats to establish the objective evidence of execution and to confirm control over all the activities.

The company worked with South Dakota Manufacturing & Technology Solutions (MTS) to achieve certification. MTS also helped Rensberger with cybersecurity compliance assessment and to develop an SSP -- system security plan -- and POAM, or plans of action and milestones. “MTS was like our guide along a long road trip,” Grosz said. “If we got into any issues they would walk us through the steps required to implement the standard into our business. Now, we are putting these policies and procedures to use every day. If we don’t do something right, we use our new quality manual as a guide to make sure we don’t make the same mistakes twice.”

Created November 2, 2022