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Micro-Tronics Reinforces Key Areas for Recovery and Growth


Micro-Tronics, Inc.(MTI) is a leader in high-precision electronic discharge machining. The company was founded by retired Air Force fighter and test pilot John Marusiak Jr., and his wife, Angie, in 1968. In the beginning, the pair ran production in the morning and made deliveries in the afternoon. Today the company has a 100,000-square-foot multibuilding campus in Tempe and 100 employees. The company’s capabilities include conventional and computerized wire EDM, CNC EDM, rubber molding, and production machining for the aerospace industry.

The Challenge

In anticipation of industry demand ramping up in the future, the company wanted to be able to meet an increase with its current workforce. Jeff George, MTI’s president, had worked closely with a Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Center when he worked for another company located outside of Arizona. George asked Administrative Services Manager Brandy Wheaton to investigate service offerings from Arizona MEP, part of the MEP National Network™. Wheaton learned that the Arizona MEP’s Emergency Assistance Program offered in 2020 and 2021 allowed manufacturers negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic to access subsidies to help pay for services.

The assistance program was definitely a big driver to go with Arizona MEP and we’ve made some great connections through our work together. Arizona MEP is the first place I go when I just have industry questions. They help me find the resources and information I need.

— Brandy Wheaton, Administrative Services Manager

MEP's Role

The training focused on three areas: lean manufacturing practices, safety and leadership. Single-Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) training helped MTI reduce equipment setup time on one part by more than 70%. In SMED training, each step of the equipment setup is analyzed to see if it can be eliminated, moved, simplified or streamlined.

Another goal for MTI was to reinvigorate its safety training program. Wheaton, who was new to the safety role, needed a knowledgeable resource to review the company’s current safety program, and she proposed changes to its personal protective equipment policy. The Arizona MEP’s safety expert started with a review of the company’s safety manual and then conducted a mock OSHA inspection and Wheaton received a report detailing areas for improvement. The Arizona MEP also developed new safety training designed to engage employees.

Arizona MEP also worked with MTI’s leadership team to develop tools to assist managers in communicating expectations and aligning its workforce based on skills. MTI was also looking to fill a key position to lead some of the company’s improvement initiatives. Using the Arizona MEP’s recruiting connections several qualified candidates were presented. Arizona MEP assisted until MTI had selected the candidate that best fit the requirements and company culture.

Created April 5, 2022, Updated January 11, 2024