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Mentorship Program Leads to Continued Growth for NanoSpective, Inc.

With the help of: FloridaMakes


NanoSpective, Inc., of Orlando, Florida, specializes in materials science with special emphasis on advanced nanoscale materials characterization. The company provides analytical services and consultation to a worldwide market, offering complete solutions for intellectual property issues, failure analysis, quality control, and materials research.

The Challenge

Like many entrepreneurs, Dr. Brenda Prenitzer is learning what it means to be a CEO as she navigates the transition from her natural born scientist role. Her company, NanoSpective, Inc., had been hovering at the same revenue generation for quite some time. At times, the second stage growth process seemed fraught with an endless stream of obstacles. She settled into the notion that success would require either a change in CEO mindset or a change in CEO. After seriously considering the former she sought out mentorship from those who had done it before her.
To participate in the American Academy of Entrepreneurs (AAE) program was to be surrounded by so much wisdom and encouragement and I was so grateful for the opportunity. It was immediately evident that there was clear value for any time invested. AAE is a thoughtfully planned and well executed program filled with valuable, practical, and executable information. Through a combination of the coursework, mentoring, coaching and peer to peer exchange, I was able to clarify and contextualize what being a CEO looks like for me. I was able to learn some of that stuff I did not know that I didn’t know and remove growth limiting obstacles. Patient support and ongoing encouragement from this community was a countervailing force to my own uncertainty and self-doubt. Learning from the words and actions of people with whom I felt I have a trusted connection was amplified by the group’s willingness to participate with sincerity, heart and openness. The American Academy of Entrepreneurs program gives you a serious advantage as you continue to grow and lead your company. I’m immensely thankful to GrowFL and FloridaMakes for making this program available to entrepreneurs like myself.
— Dr. Brenda Prenitzer , CEO & Founder

MEP's Role

Dr. Prenitzer was introduced to the American Academy of Entrepreneurs, a mentorship program for second-stage CEOs, part of GrowFL’s work to support manufacturers through the FloridaMakes Network, part of the MEP National Network™. During this six-month program, mentors and mentees met monthly to review current or upcoming business challenges and goals. Dr. Prenitzer was paired with Dr. Nancy Crews, a successful woman in STEM and female entrepreneur in manufacturing. Dr. Crews both listened and shared her own insightful experience about how she expanded her company and transitioned from her role as a technical expert to one of CEO leadership all while maintaining life balance. Dr Prenitzer found the interaction inspiring and informative, with takeaways ranging from networking and resources to guidance on best practices for corporate culture, cash management, facilities, goal setting, accountability, information management, government contracting, etc.  
Created November 5, 2022