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Local New Jersey Manufacturer Works with NJMEP to Utilize State Incentive that Rewards R&D


Founded by Emil Saporito, Joseph Zisa, and Kenneth Warnet, Superior Glass & Metal, LLC, has been directly involved in the fabrication and construction of commercial building aluminum windows and doors since 2005. Together they bring over 30 years of experience in the installation of storefront, curtainwall framing, glass and flazing. Their experience allows the organization to take on complex projects and provide solutions to any of the challenges that are common when architectural projects begin to take shape. Based in Wyckoff, New Jersey, Superior Glass & Metal can custom fabricate window jambs and sills in a variety of metals depending on the architectural drawings.

The Challenge

While moving past the COVID-19 pandemic, Superior Glass & Metal, LLC, was looking for any relief after nearly two years of disruptions. An influx of capital would allow this ‘MADE in New Jersey’ manufacturing shop to move forward without any additional pressure from an uncertain year as demand for commercial properties and construction began to speed up. 

I’m thrilled we were able to connect with NJMEP. We started out by getting involved through their State-of-the-State event which caught my interest because it gave me the chance to voice my concerns with local legislators, but then I had a chance to learn how they could help my business. I’m an accountant but these R&D tax credits required a real understanding of engineering to document. Working with NJMEP and their experts was necessary for our local manufacturing business. 
— Michelle Womack, Controller

MEP's Role

Superior Glass & Metal, LLC, was searching for ways to improve their business. After the controller participated in NJMEP's annual State-of-the-State of Manufacturing event they were connected with their local account manager, Ryan Sheehy. Sheehy conducted a general business survey to learn more about their manufacturing operation and see where NJMEP, part of the MEP National Network™, could add value. 

After developing an understanding of their needs, current operation, and workforce, it was clear a long-term relationship and growth plan were required but immediate support could be provided. This manufacturing operation was in the ideal position to benefit from R&D tax credits. They didn’t notice the amount of R&D they were practicing daily. Many businesses imagine R&D only takes place when scientists in cleanrooms are involved. However, manufacturers of all kinds are constantly improving their specific processes in their respective industries. Sheehy worked with one of NJMEP’s R&D tax credit resources to secure their tax credit. NJMEP and its resource provided support and assistance every step of the way to ensure compliance while also capturing all qualified R&D activities. 

Created April 28, 2022, Updated July 20, 2022