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Lean Manufacturing Production Systems at Caterpillar, Inc.


Caterpillar, Inc., Engine Remanufacturing and Logistics, located in Corinth, Mississippi, prepares parts and remanufactures engines, cylinder heads, cranks and blocks. The facility also provides core inspection for dealer support services. The remanufacturing plant and the logistics facility have a combined workforce of more than 1,200 employees.

The Challenge

Caterpillar’s Logistics and Remanufacturing operations were unable to accurately predict utilization levels of equipment and manpower, causing unplanned overtime, wasted equipment capacity, and sub-optimal productivity. In addition, the company’s distribution center was unable optimize equipment, floor space, and manpower, which caused missed shipments, downtime, unplanned overtime, inadequate capacity utilization and poor productivity.

MSU CAVS-E provided our company with the help and support we needed, and our team was able to learn a lot of valuable information.  The great training and learning environment gave our team a different outlook on LEAN principles.

— Ruth Nvamanza, Logistics Engineer, Product Support & Logistics

MEP's Role

With the support of MSU CAVS-Extension, part of the MEP National Network™, the Caterpillar logistics team was able to create data analysis and scheduling software as a tool for planning, tracking and improving resource utilization by combining bill of material information with warehouse inventories, machine capacities and productions cycle times to create improved plans for manpower and equipment resources.
Created January 4, 2023