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Kinetics Industries Benefits from Their ISO 9001 Certification Journey


Kinetics Industries Inc. has been in operation since 1939. This Trenton, New Jersey, manufacturer is a leader in producing highly reliable and durable SCR regulated and diode line-regulated power rectifiers, industrial DC power supplies, fuse-less bolted fault rated magnet rectifiers, flux forcing magnet rectifiers, crane rectifiers, DC substations, synchronous motor field and generator excitation systems, and power conversion solutions.

Their staff of world-diverse, engineering and technical staff design and manufactures industrial, commercial, utility, and military application power conversion products to the highest domestic and international standards. Dry type transformers, enclosure and panel fabrication, digital and analog electronic circuitry, and power semi-conductor assemblies are among Kinetics Industries’ design and manufacturing capacities.

The Challenge

Kinetics Industries was scrambling to find an ISO expert for help in time to secure a new contract and expand their client base. Through a recommendation, they reached out to NJMEP, part of the MEP National Network™, for support.

ISO helped because it enabled us to keep people focused on a project and a thing that was really on a workplace floor. It tremendously helped our quality! It made everything very visible. Yes [I’d recommend NJMEP to other manufacturers] because you’re not reinventing the wheel. This is something you guys do day in and day out. You have the resources to be able to go and get it done. You go through New Jersey MEP, they looked at resources that are out there through grants or funding. That’s part of their mission.

— Keith Secrest, President

MEP's Role

NJMEP created a plan to help Kinetics Industries achieve ISO certification and upskill their staff to ensure continued compliance. With their NJMEP account manager’s help, their knowledge of ISO 2001: 2015-2021, and all the resources NJMEP provides, Kinetics Industries was able to receive their ISO certification quickly.

The NJMEP account manager recommended the project be split into two phases: ISO virtual training to save travel time and as a result of the state’s guidelines during the pandemic and additional training to ensure they received certification in the time needed. This helped Kinetic Industries secure the required training to be certified.

The ISO 9001: 2015-2021 training and certification process can be long and complex without a fully knowledgeable partner. Working with an experienced team of ISO specialists to identify their needs for improvement allowed Kinetic Industries to be certified, receive CARES funding and secure the massive contract with their client.

Created October 27, 2022