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Investment in equipment spurs growth


Franklin Printing is a third-generation family-owned business located in Farmington, Maine. Franklin Printing was born out the of the newspaper publishing business in the 1960s and now serves the commercial printing market with services ranging from offset printing to wide format. One of the most technologically-advanced printing companies in the Northeast, Franklin can print anything from canvas banners to vinyl or plastic signs, and can also handle mailings, packaging, embossing and other services.

Franklin serves clients from Maine and New England. Franklin employs 52 people and many of the staff members have been with the company for over 20 years.  Franklin Printing is a committed to its  employees and to the earth, and it takes great pride in its bright, clean and healthy facility. Its facility is 100% wind-powered and its paper goods are FSC-certified.

The Challenge

During the pandemic, medical product manufacturers in Maine and beyond needed fast, flexible and accurate materials that reflect the constantly-evolving situation. Medical supply companies, pop-up clinics, health care firms and other businesses have needed to be able to print labels, signage, and packaging quickly so that they can get vital information out to the public. To meet those needs, Franklin invested in a commercial-grade inkjet printer capable of variable printing at high speeds and with digital accuracy. Franklin’s new printer is so large, 60 feet long by 15 feet wide, that it required building an addition to the facility and rearranging the layout. To help with the daunting project of incorporating this new machine, Franklin brought in Maine MEP, part of the MEP National Network™. 

Our opportunity for growth arose quickly, which is why we turned to Maine MEP for help. Wayne took the time to assess our situation and work with us toward a solution. In the end, we succeed because Maine MEP was there to help. 
— David Nemi, General Manager

MEP's Role

Maine MEP Project Manager Wayne Messer worked with the staff on systemic layout planning, using data to develop a new plan to ensure that the space is used efficiently so that the printing processes are improved. Lean principles were utilized in determining the flow of products through the operation to ensure that space is being utilized in the most efficient manner and material handling is optimized.  Developing this new layout involved future equipment and production planning, storage consideration and leadership and staff training.


Created October 27, 2022